Microcemento en suelos radiantes

suelos radiantes

La calefacción por medio de suelos radiantes se ha incrementado en los últimos años debido a sus grandes ventajas a corto, mediano y largo plazo. Sin embargo este tipo de calefacción no es compatible con todos los materiales y es aquí donde el microcemento debido a sus características permite su instalación. Entre las principales  ventajas […]

Microcement tables

mesa de microcemento

Although it is often thought that microcement is only for walls or floors, it has many other alternative uses and applications, such as all types of tables. The use of microcement in furniture and in tables has been growing exponentially and its use by interior designers has set a trend in recent years. Microcement tables […]

Microcement cleaning and maintenance

microcement cleanning

Care The Microcement durability of floors depends to a large extent on the careful cleaning and maintenance that is carried out on them, by means of periodic washing, the dirt particles that cause scratches and wear are eliminated from it, in addition by using self-gloss waxes. diluted in water, and thanks to the polymeric residue […]

How to choose the color of your microcement?

microcement colors

Although Microcement is based on gray, there are many color ranges with which you can add a touch to your room with your favorite color. The foregoing, thanks to the versatility of microcement and the combination of dyes and other materials, finishes can be achieved with solid colors, with textures or with metallic effects. To […]

Different finishes for your microcement

Microcement finishes

Different types of finishes Microcement offers the opportunity to give different types of finishes, from fine to rustic, light and dark. It ‘s for these and more reasons that microcement has so many followers and adepts, because it is a material that adjusts to the tastes of each person, allowing each space to be given […]

The 5 Great Advantages of Microcement


Use it anywhere Few things in life can be labelled like this, but microcement can be applied on floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms … any room can be renovated thanks to this product. Unlimited Applications Apply it on tiles, plaster, plasterboard, terrazzo … Yes, it’s that simple. If you want to renovate your […]