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Microcemento en suelos radiantes

La calefacción por medio de suelos radiantes se ha incrementado en los últimos años debido [...]

Fisuras en el microcemento

¿Se fisura el microcemento? El microcemento por si solo no se fisura y si sucede [...]

Microcement tables

Although it is often thought that microcement is only for walls or floors, it has [...]

Microcement in Kitchens

Microcement in kitchens? As we know, microcement is very versatile and can be applied to [...]

Microcement cleaning and maintenance

Care The Microcement durability of floors depends to a large extent on the careful cleaning [...]

How to choose the color of your microcement?

Although Microcement is based on gray, there are many color ranges with which you can [...]

Different finishes for your microcement

Different types of finishes Microcement offers the opportunity to give different types of finishes, from [...]

Interview: Using Microcement in Bathrooms

In this interview with Fernando, from the Homecret team, we talk about the advantages of [...]

The 5 Great Advantages of Microcement

Use it anywhere Few things in life can be labelled like this, but microcement can [...]

What is microcement?

The first entry of this blog could not be different. Surely we all have an [...]