User-friendly and affordable microcement kits

In each kit you will find everything you need to renovate a wall, floor or even a piece of furniture: from preparing the surface, to the ready-to-use microcement paste and finishing with the sealer, so that the result is just perfect. And don’t forget to choose your favourite colour!

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Renovating a surface using the Ready Range

Before you start, remember that if you have tiles is not necessary to remove them.

Start with small, less visible spaces to practice with the trowel.

Apply primer and then 2 coats of Ready Base. If you want a smoother finish, you can add 2 more coats of Ready Medium or Fine. From the 2nd layer you will start to add the colour (choose your colour in the DYES category). The dye is mixed with the Ready product with a stick you will find in the store. After each coat, sand down. And finally, apply the sealer and a layer of polyurethane. You will get hardness and avoid scratches.

The result of your work will be worth every minute invested!

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