ERFITT Microcement, the new revolution

The hardest material on the market derived from the evolution of microcement and the resins of which it is composed.

ERFITT mono-component micro-concrete floors are much more resistant to wear, friction and pressure than any other microcement. Its high resistance application allows the surface not to be scratched and to be waterproof and flexible, in addition to not allowing the floor to crack. Therefore, Homecret micro concrete is perfect for renovating weather damaged spaces in private dwellings, industrial warehouses, hotels and commercial premises.

Simply mix the powder in any of its two granulometries, BASE, MEDIUM and FINE with water.

In the analyses carried out, we have obtained a surface hardness of 133 according to the UNE-EN-13892-6:2003 standard.

ERFITT Micro-concrete is ideal for high traffic areas, whether they are public areas, common areas, shops, restaurants or places where high resistance is required.

The hardest material on the market

ERFITT has an infinity of colours to be able to develop in each and every one of the projects presented, adapting to the needs of the space and its various shapes and dimensions, curves, straight, even on any existing surface, perfect for renovations without building work, creating depth thanks to its texture and manual application.

Once again Homecret is creating resistant materials to meet the needs of each project.

Homecret floods the market with its new product from the hand of professionals who trust in its results after several years of experience.

Erfitt adapts to the needs of the space on any surface.