Metallic Microcement

It is one of the fastest systems in the world, capable of creating rust effect in less than five minutes on any surface, both outdoors and indoors.

Our Metallic oxidation system is one of the fastest in the world, with an unbeatable grip on any type of support. Able to convert a simple surface into a surface with rust effect in less than five minutes. There is a great variety of rust colours and thanks to this, this is a very decorative system easily adaptable to different rooms and styles.

It is made of resin, iron powder and three activators. Depending on which of them is applied, the system will oxidize in red, blue or green. Its use is recommended both for exterior and interior and can be applied on all types of supports: metal, wood, cement, walls, ceramics, etc.

Rust effect in less than five minutes

The process to create this type of oxidation finishes is very fast and simple. Once the mixture is created and applied on the desired surface, the different activators are applied according to the tonality we want to obtain: Oxide activator, Green activator and Blue activator.

Each activator has its order and its own process that must always be followed to achieve the desired result. Once the surface is already oxidized and completely dry, we protect it with the sealant.

Homecret Metallic micro-cement can be applied on any surface.