Wall Concrete Microcement (coatings)
Homecret Wall Concret is the innovation of our product, we bet on it. Adapted to the needs and demands of  today, facilitating the placement of stones and cements in any location, with little work and maintaining a beautiful and natural aesthetic.
The plates are decorative elements that offer more than a beautiful and contemporary design. Homecret developed an extensive range of textures, colors and designs with a constant development, to offer many designs that adapt to any environment, from residential projects to restoration or shops and public places.
It has a quick and simple installation and a natural result with a cheaper price than a natural stone or a cement and is more resistant. The advantages of Homecret Wall Concret are endless, from its installation and price and its location, it can be placed indoors and outdoors, its great hardness and resistance, the durability that this product offers, the natural appearance of its designs, the variety of textures and colors, the feeling of warmth and quality and the adaptation to the needs of each space.
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