Our most outstanding projects and collaborations

Hotel Zenith Abeba – Madrid

The Hotel Zenith Abeba was the first big project we executed. We applied micro cement in the bathrooms of 45 rooms. We carried out the work in just 3 weeks.

Puro Hotel – Palma de Mallorca

The work was specified for the Opio Bar & Restaurant space. We executed it with Xtrem micro concrete to give the floor greater resistance.

Puro Beach – Palma de Mallorca

This space, a famous meeting place in Palma de Mallorca, was done in the white for the entire floor of the indoor zone, including stairs.

Hotel Viento 10 – Córdoba

We applied micro cement both on the floor of all the rooms and the walls of all the bathrooms. We also worked on the floor in communal zones, such as the lobby, restaurant, salon and spa. Eleven rooms were done in gold and silver.

Ashburn Hotel – Londres

Through the interior designer Maria Querencia, we worked on over 60 rooms at this classic, luxury English hotel. We worked on the bathroom walls and in the restaurant area.

Greenwich Hotel – New York

This very interesting and enriching experience for Homecret in New York came to us through the decorator Juan Antonio Corrales. We worked on the spa area and over 45 rooms, in which the decor varied in nearly each room.