Different finishes for your microcement

Microcement finishes

Different types of finishes

Microcement offers the opportunity to give different types of finishes, from fine to rustic, light and dark. It ‘s for these and more reasons that microcement has so many followers and adepts, because it is a material that adjusts to the tastes of each person, allowing each space to be given personality. Nowadays microcement can be applied to all types of surfaces, both interior and exterior, so each space can have different finishes and colors.

Microcement can also have a metallic finish

It’s so versatile that it could have a metallic finish, thanks to the fact that it can be combined with iron powder, creating a rust effect in its application. These finishes are perfect for living rooms or spaces with natural light where the effects can be better perceived.

Material most used by interior designers

Currently, microcement is the material most chosen by architects, interior designers and decorators to renovate and decorate homes, shops, restaurants, among others. Additional is a material that will set trends for many years to come, thanks to its great versatility and application options.


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