How to choose the color of your microcement?

microcement colors

Although Microcement is based on gray, there are many color ranges with which you can add a touch to your room with your favorite color. The foregoing, thanks to the versatility of microcement and the combination of dyes and other materials, finishes can be achieved with solid colors, with textures or with metallic effects.

To select the color of your microcement you must take into account:

  1. Harmony with the space and furniture of your home or business premises: it is vitally important that each color matches your furniture in order to give harmony to each space
  2. Character and personality that you want to give to your room: In this the microcement is ideal, because you decide not only the color, but also the finish, whether it is smooth with veins or a handmade and natural touch.
  3. Luminosity of the space: It depends on the light, whether natural or artificial, of your space, the microcement will adapt and give a different reflection, so you must take into account what type of color you want to project
  4. Texture and effects that you want to give to the microcement: It is a very important point, since it is the final result and added to the color they are the basis of why the microcement can be adapted to any room and style.

No matter what you need for your project, microcement adapts in an elegant and lasting way to any space, whether it is exterior or interior, and at Homecret we have all the alternatives to achieve it.