Microcement cleaning and maintenance

microcement cleanning


The Microcement durability of floors depends to a large extent on the careful cleaning and maintenance that is carried out on them, by means of periodic washing, the dirt particles that cause scratches and wear are eliminated from it, in addition by using self-gloss waxes. diluted in water, and thanks to the polymeric residue that they leave on the surface, we are able to constantly renew the protective layer of the floor, giving it greater durability


For this maintenance it is not necessary to use any type of machinery since all these products can be applied with a mop The frequency will depend on the use, but it is the same with which any other type of floor and/or surface is cleaned.


The correct washing of a Microcemento® floor can be done in two ways:


  • Simple washing: This type of cleaning is recommended in places with high traffic as long as it is done periodically, it can be done daily or at least 2 to 3 times a week. It simply consists of washing it with a mop and water to which you can add self-gloss wax in the proportion indicated by its manufacturer and leave


  • Washing and waxing: This type of washing is usually done less frequently than the previous one and consists of cleaning the floor with a mop, water and liquid neutral soap in the proportions recommended by the manufacturer, once the floor is dry, wash it again with water at which has been added self-polishing wax also in the proportion indicated by its manufacturer and let it dry.


If you want to obtain more shine than the normal Microcement finish, you can obtain it by rubbing the floor with a clean and dry mop once the water with the self-gloss wax has dried.


In the case of the walls, they require less cleaning and maintenance, being able to use spray cleaners for furniture or simply washing with water and neutral soap.

Recommended products

  • Degreasing liquid cleaner
  • Liquid to dilute in water
  • Furniture spray cleaner

Accepted products

  • Bleach.
  • Dishwashing detergent

Not recommended

Being much more abrasive, it is recommended never to use:

  • Anti-limescale cleaners
  • Chemicals and Solvents in general
    • Hydrochloric acid
    • Muriatic acid

Remember that although microcement is designed to last, it is always important to take care of it to maintain its characteristics. Any concerns do not hesitate to write to us.