Microcement in Kitchens

Kitchen with microcement

Microcement in kitchens?

As we know, microcement is very versatile and can be applied to numerous surfaces, including floors, walls, swimming pools and even furniture. As a result, many designers and architects are now using it to decorate kitchens with a unique, avant-garde and elegant style, and thanks to its continuous cladding it gives a space of spaciousness.

The application of microcement in kitchens has become very important nowadays as it allows this material to be mixed with wood, tiles, among others. Allowing to give the style that best suits; both the space and the tastes of each person.

What are the advantages of microcement?

  1. It gives spaciousness to spaces by its continuous cladding which makes kitchens look aesthetically much cleaner visually.
  2. Easy cleaning and good ageing due to the materials used in its application, which makes it durable and suitable for use in kitchens.
  3. It is waterproof due to its low porosity which makes it perfect for kitchens, due to its exposure to liquids.
  4. It is non-slip which makes it ideal for worktops and floors.
  5. A wide variety of colours and finishes to suit different kitchens, whether small or large.
  6. Quick application without a lot of debris, resulting in lower costs and with little intervention.

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