What is microcement?


The first entry of this blog could not be different. Surely we all have an idea of what microcement is and, without further investigation, we would soon define it as “that smooth seamless surface, typically in a grey tone and made with very fine cement, as indicated by its name…” This intuitive definition has some important nuances, so let’s analyse it.

Yes, certainly, this product offers an elegant “smooth and seamless surface”, but there are different types of microcement providing different finishes: from extremely smooth to more rustic and rough to the touch. Likewise, it should be highlighted that it is applied with a trowel -such as cement or plaster-, conveying a smooth, but not uniform, finish. One of its most unique features is that the hand and the style of the individual who applied the microcement can be perceived in the result. Thus, a microcement surface becomes unique and exclusive. No two surfaces are alike.

Let’s continue analysing our intuitive initial definition and we get to “in some grey tone”. We’ve all seen grey microcement floors or walls, right? And although this is probably one of the most requested finishes, the final colour of the microcement can range from white to black, ranging through all imaginable ranges of colour. In our microcement store we offer what could be labelled as the great hits: beautiful colours guaranteeing stunning spaces as well as spaces you will love.

And finally, we get to “made with some kind of fine cement”. Microcement is actually the result of mixing cement and resins, conveying a flexible material which is highly resistant to scratches and impacts. Additionally, microcement coatings have been technically enhanced and upgraded. Currently, final coats of polyurethane varnish and sealers are applied to make our walls or floors even more resistant.

And now tell us; aren’t you already thinking where you could apply it?
Take a tour of our TUTORIALS section and discover application tips and our YouTube channel with videos in which you will see how to apply it step by step.